Electric Cars

Electric cars are already here, with prices from $30,000.

Petrol cars have a maximum efficiency of about 22%; electric cars almost 100%. Today's reciprocating petrol engines have lots of friction. Gears are needed because the power only really starts at 2,000 rpm. Electric motors have full power from 1 rpm.
Electric cars use mostly LiFePO4 (Li-ion) batteries, weighing only a quarter of that of a comparable petrol engine system. Mounted below the floor, they lower the centre of gravity and are absolutely noiseless. Drive downhill and the motor becomes a generator, so your battery is still full when you  arrive at the bottom.
With no exhaust there's no health risk from exhaust products.
Come and learn more from Wolfgang and discuss the topic this month. 

Tuesdays at 4pm at Wolfgang's home (No.36 in Capo di Monte) on 7 May & 14 May.

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