Female Australian Artists of the 19th Century

Those of you who have attended my presentations in the past will have learned a little about 19th Century Women Who Broke the Mould and Ground-Breaking Australian Women.

This time, we look at the acceptance of society of a limited role for women artists in the 19th Century and the unsettling confidence of men that women's art was no more than a pastime and certainly not to be compared with the art produced by men.

Starting on Friday October 2nd, at the Zamia from 12.30 to 3,00pm or thereabouts, we start to find out a little more. I have learned quite a lot about the women in my earlier presentations and am finding that I am doing the same this time.

The break in U3A offerings gave me the time to do a little research and I am the better for it. I previously did not even know the name of the first woman to win the Archibald prize. Now I am aware of the struggles of a handful of women artists in the period and the contribution to the art scene by a group of Brisbane women who made a difference.

By way of confession, I am including one male artist whom I greatly admire. He was right in the forefront with the likes of Van Gogh, even Monet, but to this day few Australians know of his work or appreciate the contribution he made to European art. We will see why he was never lauded in Australia.

So, if you are interested, do join me on this journey which, for me, is proving enlightening and exciting. See you at the Zamia on 2nd October, starting at 12.30 where we continue to be Covid-Safe.

Let me know if you will be joining me:

delle@me.com or 0413 084 571.

Delle Daniels