Daily Life in Ancient Egypt

Mondays, from 8 February 2021 - 1pm at the Masonic Lodge, Knoll Road

Historians have traditionally been concerned with the affairs and deeds of kings and rulers in Ancient Egypt, however, more recently scholars have begun to study and write about 'ordinary' people. In this course we will examine the lives of the Egyptian people during the dynastic period from Old Kingdom to New Kingdom.

Week 1

Introduction to Daily Life

This week we will look at the people of Kemet (The Black Land), their social structure and the jobs they did. We will also look at the life of Paneb, an Ancient Egyptian bad boy.

Week 2

The Family

Week 2 is about the Ancient Egyptian family. We will look at the love lives of the ancient Egyptians, including marriage and sex and also the importance of children to the family.

Week 3

Social Life

It seems the Ancient Egyptians knew how to party. They were engaged in all forms of entertainment: hunting, board games, sport and music. But most of all they liked to eat.

Week 4

The Home

Getting back to our archaeological roots, this week we will explore the architecture and design of homes of both the rich and the poor.

Week 5

Deir el-Medina

One of our main sources of information about ordinary people: we examine, in depth, the village of the workers of the Valley of the Kings.

Week 6

The Role of Women

Women in Ancient Egypt were well respected in comparison to their Roman and Greek compatriots. Here we will examine their role in society, the family and religion.   

Cherylann Edwards