Wonderful Wildlife

Peter Kuttner's 

The Rainforest by Night

most ambitious and demanding creative project - videoing and photographing the richness of flora and fauna species to be found in this one small place on earth - 

Tamborine Mountain

Tuesday October 15, 11.30 - 11.30am 
Bridge Clubhouse Sportsground Long Road 
Peter Kuttner - Ph 0409 551 089 - contact@biodiversity.com.au

Peter studied architecture at Manchester University, but left to attend the Hornsey College of Art, graduating with a BA in 1967. He goes back to the avant-garde arts scene of '60s and '70s London and once spent a day in a zoo cage, exhibited as Homo sapiens, which achieved worldwide publicity. In February 1987 he came straight from London to Tamborine Mountain. He was bowled over by the natural abundance and exuberance of the place - by the brilliant colours of the birds, the size and profuse growth of the vegetation and the alien beauty of the rainforest.  

192 pages plus cover and end papers 
over 300 illustrations 
An intimate sense of the variety of species everywhere around us