Never stop learning......

Happy New Year to you all.

Eleven months of 2021 await us. The U3A committee has just had its first meeting for the year, and we are delighted with the line-up of courses, talks and events jostling to fill the months ahead. Your favourite activities will continue to run, old favourite themes will be dusted off and given new formats. Our Editor, Bernice, will flag the new courses in our Newsletter, and Susan's great monthly Program that accompanies the Newsletter will list venues, days, and times. We are conscious that as we grow, overlaps are bound to occur, and choices may have to be made. Our wonderful tutors continue their amazing support, and a few new presenters will join them. We lose our stalwart native speaker and teacher of French, Jackie French, who has directed weekly classes for so long and welcome Elisabeth Fediay, also a native speaker of French. Under the guidance of Louise Haggerty, we introduce our own Book Club, beginning with the great prose of Jane Austen.

We look forward to seeing you all at our Tamborine Mountain Open Day at the Zamia on Friday, February 5th where the doors open at 10.00am. Here you will not only be able to join or renew your membership but will be able to speak directly to the tutors.

Due to Covid, our little 'coffee shop' will not be set up and we will be asking you to follow Covid restrictions by providing the details you are by now used to providing and following social distancing rules.

Welcome to our U3A 2021.

Bottom Line for U3A

Although I have put out a number of calls for nominations for the position of President for our AGM in March, the committee has received not a single one. Our membership is strong, well informed and many of you have lived lives that equipped you well for one of the numerous volunteer roles. U3A cannot operate without our volunteers, and it certainly cannot continue without a President. We have reached the bottom line. If no nomination is received for the position of President, TM U3A Inc will shut down.

Our Constitution requires this position to be filled. You will receive a nomination form with this Newsletter, so it is in your hands to avert what I can only see as a catastrophe. The committee has developed an interesting and exciting program for 2021.

Don't let this fall by the wayside.

Delle Daniels

Use the button below to download a PDF of the Candidate Nomination Form

University of the 3rd Age (U3A)

A volunteer association for retirees and the mature aged.

U3A conducts courses and operates without reference to qualifications, examinations or awards.

Learn --- Enjoy mental stimulation

Teach --- Share your knowledge/skills

Socialise --- Make friends and relax

What does U3A stand for?

U3A is "University of the Third Age". The term "University" is used in the original sense of the word - of an association or community of teachers and scholars, united in the pursuit of knowledge.

"Third Age" refers to the life period of active retirement, which follows the first age of childhood and formal education and the second age of working life.

"The University shall consist of a body of persons who undertakes to learn and to help others to learn. Those who teach shall also learn and those who learn shall also teach".

Dr Peter Laslett, Co-founder of U3A Britain

Objectives of U3A Tamborine Mountain Inc

  1. To operate a learning association which requires no prior qualifications, no exams and no degrees are awarded.
  2. To provide programs of learning and social activities which offer stimulation and development to persons in the 3rd age of their lives.
  3. To create an environment which is conducive to the social interaction of members.
  4. To exchange ideas and resources with other U3A groups, both in Australia and overseas.
  5. To do all such things which support the attainment of the above objectives. 

U3A - A Brief History

U3A is an international movement which has spread from France since 1973. The Cambridge UK (1981) model changed from the original university concept to one where members themselves are the teachers. This model was adopted in Australia, the first being in Melbourne in 1984. U3A Sunshine Coast and Brisbane were established in 1986. There are now over 30 U3As in Queensland and more than 200 Australia-wide with many thousands ofmembers.

In July 2007, 27 members of U3A Jimboomba, residents of Tamborine Mountain, agreed to form the local branch. In January 2008 the group was officially incorporated with the Office of Fair Trading as U3A Tamborine Mountain Inc. The first Annual General Meeting was held in April 2008.

The membership elects a small group of people each year to form the Management Committee. All members are encouraged to nominate for the committee positions at the Annual General Meeting.

The Friends of the Committee are members who are willing and able to assist as needed, without the commitment of being on the committee.  

Incorporation No: IA36025
ABN: 62 810 959 624
Public Liability Insurance
$20,000,000 any one occurrence

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